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I got the shakes :P

Unfortunately, I have learned what is too shaky when handling thick, white paint. Dangit.

I was able to thin the blobby mess RIGHT down to the thinnest possible layer, so I'll be repainting at my earliest convenience. AKA - NOT when I've consumed like four to five caffeine tubes.

...it was a fun stream, this morning. Toasty is SO CLOSE to finishing her fid and I can't wait to share the finished product with you and -frankly- watching a work of art become one is an exciting thing.

Thanks to my shaky-arse hands, I'm definitely going to be retouching my Tiefling Monk Mini. But not today because SHAKES.

Shakes are bad.

OTOH it does mean that I can type faster so that theoretically means I can get you guys a whole bunch of fiction so much faster. Theoretically... because I am also easily distracted by literally anything right now. Three cheers for caffeine. Wheeeeeee...

So yeah. I'm still doing my darndest. Thanks for your patience.

I dun goofed

I successfully posted my Patreon, explaining the "Job's Done!" effect. I successfully did my Wordpress Wednesday about the Miraculous Minority and their seemingly obligatory position as Straight White Hero Support(tm). I successfully wrote my blog, my Instant, and five hundred words for my novel.


I completely forgot about writing the flash fanfiction I should have done yesterday.

Can't win 'em all.

However, I do aspire to writing two for the price of one, this fair morrow. That should make up

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Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

We had a very nice Australia/Invasion day, yesterday. I ate too much, even if it's healthy food, when you eat too much, you gain weight. Now I have an extra kilo to shake off so I might go another fortnight on the strict plan.

I'll ask for advice from Beloved in that regard.

Today, I was reminded of one very important thing I forgot to get sorted before Back to School - SHOES.

Therefore, at a later time, there shall be

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Sideways again? No problem.

I got derailed by doing two Years-in-Review over at Tumblr. First, showing all the highlights I'd found and reblogged, then showing off all the things I'm proud of.

Who knows? I might inspire other people to call out their faves this way. You gotta spread the love.

In other news, today's Instant may well be the weirdest one I've written to date. Buddy Cop/Soldier piece involving personified white blood cells. It was fun. After I went on a wiki walk to

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...focus? What focus?

I was having a lovely lie-in this morning and realised -hey- I should probably do that instant story thing.

Two hours later and I'm reading other people's fanfics and getting even more ideas for stories that I shouldn't be writing because I still have these other ones I'm working on and -- wow, that's a real pretty headcannon they have going there...


I guess I'd rather be fanficcing today. Or just blowing the entire day off and lounging around and not

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I should get a wriggle on...

The bulk of the yuletide nonse is over. There's still a superfluity of yulemas food clogging the fridge.

I haven't put up any Patreon stuff and I should be ashamed of that. On the other hand, I have a guest I don't get to see much, so... It's a struggle. I should make the time and the effort to do these things when Friendo is having a nap or when they turn in early.

But that's for later. Now is for story.

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Well that didn't last long...

I can usually make $400 last a fortnight. Not this time. The kids needed winter gear, we needed to stock up on rice, and I had to keep a promise.

I now have maybe like $2. If something pops up, I'm going to have to dig into my Dreams account to pay for it. And I don't have much in there either.

But it's still worth it because I get a week with my friendo and some interesting times are bound to

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trexbait: quickweaves: krxs10: in case you missed it: a new video surfaced on the Internet this week showing SWAT team police officers...




in case you missed it:
a new video surfaced on the Internet this week showing SWAT team police officers setting fire to a car and the building next to it right after the announcement that Darren Wilson would not be indicted.
The original video was deleted on YouTube but thankfully someone copied it and here it is


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