I got the shakes :P

Unfortunately, I have learned what is too shaky when handling thick, white paint. Dangit.

I was able to thin the blobby mess RIGHT down to the thinnest possible layer, so I'll be repainting at my earliest convenience. AKA - NOT when I've consumed like four to five caffeine tubes.

...it was a fun stream, this morning. Toasty is SO CLOSE to finishing her fid and I can't wait to share the finished product with you and -frankly- watching a work of art become one is an exciting thing.

Thanks to my shaky-arse hands, I'm definitely going to be retouching my Tiefling Monk Mini. But not today because SHAKES.

Shakes are bad.

OTOH it does mean that I can type faster so that theoretically means I can get you guys a whole bunch of fiction so much faster. Theoretically... because I am also easily distracted by literally anything right now. Three cheers for caffeine. Wheeeeeee...

So yeah. I'm still doing my darndest. Thanks for your patience.