I dun goofed

I successfully posted my Patreon, explaining the "Job's Done!" effect. I successfully did my Wordpress Wednesday about the Miraculous Minority and their seemingly obligatory position as Straight White Hero Support(tm). I successfully wrote my blog, my Instant, and five hundred words for my novel.


I completely forgot about writing the flash fanfiction I should have done yesterday.

Can't win 'em all.

However, I do aspire to writing two for the price of one, this fair morrow. That should make up for the lack. I hope.

The TangleBag(tm) is fast approaching the point where it will be taller than the ball of sisal twine that is its origin and matter, so there shall be one pic of the ball in the bag-in-progress, and it shall henceforth be pictured in front of the thing.

That's for my dear sweet $1 Patreon Patrons. Y'all others shall have to wait until it's done before seeing it.

...unless you're MeMum. She gets special privileges. Mum? Just ask if you want pix of my crochet string abomination.

FYI MeMum's been trying to get me fibrecrafting since about age ten. It never stuck. I'm only doing this one for the challenge of it.

...but that's how most folk get started, I guess. We shall see.