Today promises to be some kind of fun.

1) Worming the cats
2) Acquiring new upright freezer
3) Unfuckening the house
4) Chaos is back to school, and I didn't get notified about when the bus arriveth

So far:

1) The cats are sequestered with doped foodstuffs in separate rooms... and objecting.
2) It's already half an hour into the time window the freezer people gave us for them to arrive and install [6:30 AM to 10:30 AM] but we have got the old freezer out of its niche and into an open area, also cleaned out the nasties from said niche.
3) All things will occur in due course, but the house is a mess because meal preps.
4) I am camped in the front room and awaiting any sign of bus arrival.

So. Yeah. I'm a busy 'Nutter, today.

Somewhere in all this chaos, I also have to do a Money Run so the cleaner gets paid, and I can acquire tasty victuals. During meal preps, I had WAY too much meats and not enough veg, so today's excursions are going to include more forays for keto-friendly vegetation. And stuff to make Cauli Mash because that S be awesome.

For now? I attempt to work.