Thursday, SIDEWAYS!

I was actually awake at 6AM, but I had Other Things to Do (tm). So after I washed and dressed and managed a majority of my stretchies, I was offski to the depths of The City [dramatic music sting].

All to see an expert about my hormone nonsense so I can achieve some personal presentation goals. Better to do this stuff under supervision instead of messing around with it on my own.

Since I was in the "neighbourhood", I also decided to cart along the oat milk that Adorable needs. Managed to get some on the cheap, so I passed it along.

I like doing good things for the fam.

Now that I'm back, I've got The Bikkie baking and shall be on to my bullshit the daily offerings in very short order.

I think the B complex is finally kicking in, but we shall see how well that estimate works long about 4PM.

Let's get on with getting on.