Back on My Bullshit

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Good Morning!

Thank goodness Beloved woke me up at Midnight because I forgot to re-activate my Toasty Stream Alert (tm) so I could be there for the creation of wonderful.

There is a very strong temptation, now to write a new ficcy in the Divinity Universe where the Old Executioner [you see him in the opening minute of the Church Animatic] escapes with kid!Sanga and Ashivon. Because a found family on a road trip home flicks all my buttons.

It's going to be so sad and end in SO much fluff.

I'm actually going to outline first and fic hard as I can all day for the rest of the day. Stand back. It's going to be painful. I'll regret it later for sure, but for now? It's gonna be fun.

Come the daylight, I gotta do one minor cleaning task, but that's all the actual work I gotta do.

Sun is rising. Gotta move.

Play me some Yaketty Sax

Mayhem doesn't have to work today, so that leaves a day-long time window open. Yay! Which of course means that I'm destined for the outskirts of Logan to visit MeMum and sort out her tech nonsense.

I knew I'd have to wake up really early in the AM in order to have my day job done today, so being awake at quarter to four is no big deal for me.

For those of you wondering about the prawns - we did pack

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