Monday, Day 1, Sideways!

Twelve total cases, eleven in hospital. I have bad news and good news in an interesting cycle that is making my entire life go sideways today. Huzzah.

Bad news: I broke my glasses by taking off my T-shirt. Good news: I have the frame and the lens. Bad news: but not the teeny tiny screw that has fallen out AGAIN.

I am going to have a sharp word with the manufacturer, telling them it's BAD DESIGN to screw the screws in from the bottom. They get a gravity assist in escaping that way.

Good news: I have spares that remain functional. Bad news: they're old and not safe for driving. Good news: Beloved is giving me a lift so I can get my good glasses fixed at Eye Candy(tm) and maybe talk about getting my spares upgraded. Maybe.

Bad news: the tradie I initially lured into a job has too much on his plate. Good news: He has recommended another fellow to see to the impending disaster in the bathroom. Bad news: I still have to contact him which means more stress. Yay.

I also have the usual general clusterfluff of preparing Chaos for school, doing daily fiction, maybe-shopping, and 500 words in the novel. AS WELL as the morning read-along with Tale Foundry.

I wish life got tedious :P