One Day Plague Free


So here's why my story was super late yesterday, told in the rough timetable of my day:

  • Awake, clothes, cats, waking Chaos
  • Blog entry
  • Bus O'clock
  • Attempt to write Instant #1
  • A wild Mayhem appears. He has a thing
  • Taxi Duty Part 1
  • Following dropoff, I go to Costco to get essential supplies
  • 8/10 employees were not wearing their masks properly
  • Two of which weren't in Costco so I had to go to Bunnings for one of them
  • The one statistical outlier is TP which is once again being hoarded by idiots. If it wasn't for my cats destroying various rolls, I wouldn't have to fret
  • Home again for luncheon
  • Attempt to write Instant #2
  • Bus O'Clock 2: Electric Boogaloo. Greet Chaos and make sure she does decon
  • Attempt to write Instant #3
  • Ring ring, Mayhem wants to come home
  • Taxi Duty Part 2
  • Home again, and FINALLY get that thing posted, then answer an email from MeMum who's worried about my continuing welfare because the story apparently vanished down a black hole.

Nay. 'Twas I who vanished down a black hole.

I'm not doing the news today, yesterday was too damn depressing. Bluh.

It's Bus O'clock again and this time, I'm going to look at my novel. And hope. A lot.