That Went Well

Here's my yesterday:

  • Attempt to get little darlings organised and pointed at school
  • Mayhem complains of gutsache and throws up
  • Book doctor's appointment and call school for Mayhem
  • Get Chaos off to school minus hitch
  • Do a cash run
  • Have five minutes to self before running Mayhem up to the doctor's
  • Hurry up and wait
  • Get recommendation for a CT scan (!) after bounce test doesn't give encouraging results
  • Paperwork
  • Hurry home to do what work I can in the interim
  • Rush off again to run Mayhem up for CT scan
  • Hurry up and wait: The Revenge
  • Interminable farting around for the actual process thereof
  • Paperwork part 2
  • Home again
  • Cleaning
  • Chaos Returns Triumphant
  • Fucking afternoon stock up shopping centre crawl [Costco, Golden Circle Outlet, Dickson's Meat Market (for veggies), and the local Health Shop] each for things available nowhere else.
  • Finally, dinner.

It's no wonder that I didn't get a lot down in my nut notes, yesterday.

Good thing that Clockwork Souls has given me ample space to relax about that kind of thing. A week's worth of world-building can give me options for the actual plot and characters.

And I already have the prep done for word count tracking:

[Shown here: Blue post-it note on my monitor with numbers counting up by 3 until they reach 120. Following this sequence are the words "DONE" and "B'Nar". On the bottom left corner are a couple of scribbles made because of temporary pen failure. The number 69 has a tiny "nice" circled above it]

This is my high-tech uncrackable solution for making certain I'm on schedule. As each total is reached [3K, 6K etc.] I cross off the number. When the book is done, I throw out the post-it. That finality should happen early next year.

Today's schedule includes more rattling about. This time with sick notes and a quest for almond milk and the relative carb count thereof. I might have to think of other options to have myself a lo-carb hot chocolate.

Because the weather is cold and Chaos needs a little help going to sleep in the evenings and I need a hand-warmer that's also a pick-me-up. That's why.

Oh, for a USB warm air blower that can be trained on my keyboard...