::strangled anguish noises::

It's day five into the days free of new plague cases, dear readers, and I am having a stream of bad days.

  1. My main compy is circling the drain
  2. So is my Drobo
  3. So is my phone
  4. I can keep the main compy struggling along for a while BUT...
  5. In order to get all my data and preferences and so on, I need the Drobo to be alive
  6. Which requires an upgrade because the current case of the old Drobo is busy dying the death and rendering the Drobo very much dead

This is definitely a house that Jack built situation.

I need a case of Drobo
to render its drives a hobo
to restore the data
into the drive of the compy I like to work on.

Not quite the same rhythm, but you get it.

So. Until all that nonsense goes through, I will be doing all my faffing about on my main compy and all my actual work on my laptop.

I'm in the process of getting a new phone - slightly delayed by all the shops with technology not actually having technology in stock. Whee.

Oh, and for your entertainment:

[Shown here, an iMac monitor with shop wrapping and foam across the bottom edge]

I was not kidding about the pool noodle. It actually worked to preserve my fragile fingies. Pity the local smokers didn't do my fragile lungs any good.

...feckin smokers...

All of them minus masks, ignoring social distancing, and otherwise inviting fate. Grr.

Praise to the Apple Store, where the peeps and management actually paid attention to the firkin science. This includes:

  • All staff wearing masks, a phenomenal amount of them doing so properly
  • People enforcing social distancing in the clientele
  • Free masks for the clients
  • Hand sanitiser for anyone entering the store
  • Minimising contact for all present

I think they were happy to see me in my "highly fashionable" polka-dotted homemade mask. One more free mask for someone else in this time of burgeoning panic.

Still, we are five days in to not having plague in the sunshine state. There might be hope with the harsher lockdown now that the more southern states are waking up to the actual truth of the hellplague.

Anyway. I'm moving over to my laptop to do the story thing and then messing about with the rest of my day.

See you later.