Challenge #02747-G190: Just Get the Bleeper App

A: cak-likna!

B: did you just swear?

A: I don’t know I say something random when I’m in pain

B: try not to say that again

A: wait it was a swear word?! -- Anon Guest

Offensensitivity is a peculiar thing. What offends one group might be perfectly normal. It is wise for travellers to check to see what's taboo in areas they are planning to visit for extended lengths of time. It's always wise to find out what's rude in the local area when one is just passing through.

As for temporary travel arrangements, it is also wise to discover the limits of one's ride. In the case of Hitchhiker Leth, their current trucker and company on this leg of their lifelong journey had a Thing against cursing. Any swear-word could make them upset in varying directions. Most of that was directly related to personal trauma rather than moral offense.

Nevertheless, Hitchhiker Leth tried her best. In her disfavour, she had been around to very many places and had picked up a lot of colourful language. The impulse to vent with the most colourful language was very strong indeed. Which lead to made up swears that Leth thought couldn't possibly be real.

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