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Challenge #02961-H038: Submitted For Your Approval... not all art is safe for all viewers. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Video link leads to the stage performance video of Shia LeBouff by Rob Cantor. Contains simulated, stylistic violence and references to same]

Media Flagging and Filtering is a never-ending job. What's "okay" for one culture is scandalously salacious for another. Even the face can be offensive if that face belongs to a certain gender[1]. There's a lot of churn in the "exposed skin" department.

This one had reached The Theatre. It was a relatively open forum where a multiple number of eyes and minds viewing with their digits paused over so many toggle switches. So far, the media currently in question had reached the level of being safe[2] for average citizens of the Alliance, after passing through safe for all levels of Deathworlder. The theatre invited the kind of people who kept complaining about the classifications to devote their time to making the archives safe for all viewers. The current guidelines alone cause many to turn around on the spot.

This one piece of audio-visual art has been under contention for some time. Exposed skin isn't even half of it. There's the liminal unnatural nature of the stage in an empty theatre. There are spooky children singing in a choir. There are thousand-mile stares into nothingness, but also directly at the viewer. Then there's the content, the actual words and the story that comes with the wrapping.

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Challenge #02822-G265: Comedy vs Offensensitivity

"Although your jokes are funny, please never say them again.” Upon hearing this the person suddenly began to laugh, just like how he began he stop. “Never.” The person formed a cheeky grin “though Jokes usually make people laugh, some don’t. But always have the same principal: leave you different than you first started.” “Jokes are supposed to make you laugh-“ the person wave their finger in front of my face “jokes like that is like eating ice cream: eat too

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Challenge #02747-G190: Just Get the Bleeper App

A: cak-likna!

B: did you just swear?

A: I don’t know I say something random when I’m in pain

B: try not to say that again

A: wait it was a swear word?! -- Anon Guest

Offensensitivity is a peculiar thing. What offends one group might be perfectly normal. It is wise for travellers to check to see what's taboo in areas they are planning to visit for extended lengths of time. It's always wise to find out what's rude

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Challenge #02544-F354: High Offensensitivity Rating

There was a cosplay event, the hotel didn't 'bother' catering for food or drink separately. Lunch Break! -- Anon Guest

Among the many mistakes the organisers made was to hold a high-nerditry event in an extremely non-nerdy city. On the other hand, the place was usefully central to all available modes of transport. The conservative citizens were busy holding protests near the main convention entrance and the hotel complex wished to deny to everyone else that they were holding host to weirdos

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Challenge #02348-F158: Adjustment Phase

A human gets scared and jumpy around anyone who is angry, and yes, I mean anyone. -- Anon Guest

Humans have a reputation. It isn't necessarily bad to be seen as one of the biggest, toughest, roughest marshmallows in the universe, but it's still a reputation. Being a Human and having a reputation for being both a savage warrior and a sweetly nurturing protector does certain things to a crowd. Ange rather liked it. It meant that people didn't get too close.

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Challenge #02230-F040: Radical Prototype

"I fail to see how crew members taking the offensensitivity warning I attached to myself as a joke or challenge is in any way my fault." -- Anon Guest

Human Kari tapped at the small pin. It was shaped like a fan, and mostly silver. The borders were thick and black and there was an ornamental scroll that had the words, Accidentally Offensive embossed into it. Presumably, those within range to read it would also be subject to Human Kari's... more colourful

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