Challenge #03180-H271: Drab, Dull, and Dreary

The time the CRC got it wrong. The Humans were new to the Alliance and the CRC were trying to work things out. The room for the Human was grey, everything was so non-offensive it was nearly offensive by it. The Human felt themselves slowly going mad, they needed color, they needed vibrance! The CRC's assigned quarters for the Human liaison would need some serious fixes! -- DaniAndShali

So very many things changed upon being Ambassadored[1]. The cut of the work uniform was the same, pinny and all, but now it was all gold. Including the very sensible shoes and the terry tea towel flung over her shoulder for spills that were now someone else's problem. Freshly-minted Ambassador Harriet Wyforte was approaching everything with confusion.

The habitat they had set aside for her was... Public Space Grey. That is, three to five different intensities of grey set against each other in a way that was Tasteful with a trademark[2]. At least the plants were green, but they were all cordoned off in a separate space.

"This is what I get?" Ambassador Harry said, poking her head into a different space that was for private things. Sleep, ablution, or eliminating waste. There was no colour anywhere.

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