Monday, Day 0, Shenanigans!

Plague News: Two new cases, both imports. Thirty-four total active cases, nineteen are in hospital, and one's in the ICU. The vax information has vanished from the news site I know so let's find another source... got it. Australia's at 82% first vax, and almost 62% fully vaxxed. 72% of Queensland has had their first dose, with 52% having gained their second.

My spawns are getting their second dose tomorrow so we're doing our bit.

My PLN for today includes uploading the D&D session. I am definitely going to stream on twitch in future. It's easier to VOD if it's already there.

Last night, my players have learned to fear my Chaos Table. And I've learned to have more alternatives because this mob keeps rolling 12's :P

In the News:

  • Climate Change is kicking Australia's butt
  • Sydneysiders swarm the shops now that they're allowed to
  • More fuckwits have murdered people
  • Malaysia has successfully slowed the plague and opened up. They may regret this later
  • NSW due for floods again
  • One year until we get a new mutant plague strain
  • 3YO boy found alive after going missing for three days
  • Missing boyfriend of Gabby Petito still missing
  • Cops leak some emails
  • Fuckwits copy the Squid Game and hurt themselves
  • Scabbott seeks props by slamming the plague rules

Onwards to the fulfilment of my PLNs...