Sunday, Day 0, Chaos Gremlin Herding

Plague news: Three new cases, all imports. Thirty-four total active cases, twenty-one of those are in hospital. Australia's on the cusp of having 82% of the population with their first vax, and 61% are actually fully vaxxed. Queensland's all the way up to 52% fully vaxxed.

One more, this coming Tuesday. I shall be hauling Miss Chaos off to get her second jab that afternoon and keeping an eye on her for the following 24 hours.

My PLN today goeth thusly:

  1. Go to sleep at 6PM the previous evening
  2. Wake up at F-off AM when Toasty generally streams to see if they are indeed streaming
  3. No coffee until guaranteed stream
  4. Catch a nap if Toasty's NOT streaming
  5. Wake up for Tale Foundry
  6. Do my own stream
  7. Go back to bed at 3PM so I can wake up at 9PM
  8. Do the DM thing

Not looking at the news because I have enough to have a concern about.