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Wednesday, Wordpress and Anniversary

Beloved and I will be celebrating our Silver Anniversary real soon now. Methinks today's date will be all about buying each other something silver. She's worth it, I know that.

For the rest of today, I am trying to gather peeps from the D&D game to help design the Box of House.

A brief explain:

  • Players got hold of an item called a "Folding Boat", this got quickly nicknamed "the box of boat" in game.
  • This INSTANTLY gave them the idea of a "Folding House". A portable shelter they could use for long rests and planning stuff or just... being a base.
  • In a move that shocked nobody, we're all calling it "the Box of House".

I cribbed the flavour text directly from the Folding Boat and just edited in House Properties. Like an automatic kitchen. Because a kitchen makes a house a house.

I also have to write a thing for Wordpress today. It will likely be all about my negligible relationship with time.

Thursday, Continuing Shenanigans

I finished creating the "north" bank of level four, so now I must head ever onwards and make the "south" bank. Yay. At least I have a process now.

But that doesn't stop Void Trimming from being dull as hell and eventual wrist torture. I know my limits there and stick to them.

Void Trimming: Deleting all the floor tiles that are not real floor so my players don't spend a lifetime trying to get into "the secret room".

I know my

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Sunday, Day 0, Dungeones!

Plague news:

  • 8 580 new cases
  • 64 226 total active cases
  • 745 hospitalisations
  • 41 in the ICU
  • 25 new deaths
  • 12 718 total cases in First Nations people

Vax news:

  • 308 821 national doses
  • 54 073 Qld doses
  • 7 393 ACT doses
  • 99 719 NSW doses
  • 2 714 NT doses
  • 20 750 SA doses
  • 4 321 Tas doses
  • 78 529 Vic doses
  • 41 322 WA doses

My battle today is to stay awake until 4PM at which time, I need to sleep

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Thursday, Day 0, Plots & PLNs

Plague news: One new case, an import. There's nineteen total active cases, eleven are in hospital, with one in the ICU. Australia's at 85.5% first vax, 70% fully vaxed. Queensland's at 73% first vax, 58% fully vaxxed.

Today, I shall fiddle with my finances and find a continuing adventure for my Murder Hobos. They're considering the name, The Chaotikids and Palladad. Which has a sort of Saturday Morning Hanna-Barbera cartoon vibe to it. I like it.

BUT I shall also be

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Sunday, Day 0, Chaos Gremlin Herding

Plague news: Three new cases, all imports. Thirty-four total active cases, twenty-one of those are in hospital. Australia's on the cusp of having 82% of the population with their first vax, and 61% are actually fully vaxxed. Queensland's all the way up to 52% fully vaxxed.

One more, this coming Tuesday. I shall be hauling Miss Chaos off to get her second jab that afternoon and keeping an eye on her for the following 24 hours.

My PLN today goeth thusly:

  1. Go
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