Thursday, Continuing Shenanigans

I finished creating the "north" bank of level four, so now I must head ever onwards and make the "south" bank. Yay. At least I have a process now.

But that doesn't stop Void Trimming from being dull as hell and eventual wrist torture. I know my limits there and stick to them.

Void Trimming: Deleting all the floor tiles that are not real floor so my players don't spend a lifetime trying to get into "the secret room".

I know my maniacs, okay?

Further into my PLNs, I shall be asking around about making merch as well as store options. I'm looking for a supplier willing to do V-neck T's without also making them "babydoll cut". I despise "babydoll cut" because they're too short and assume that everyone with breasts also has matchstick arms.

I just want a nice loose shirt that doesn't strangle me when I'm wearing it. Is that too hard? One that I can tuck into my pants if I actually choose to do that.

My bare midriff must no longer be seen by unprepared eyes.

ANYway. I shall create a lot of riverbank, then create a thing for my world. I'm thinking of a unicorn that's a lot closer to a rhinoceros. Maybe. Or I might use Dwarves. I shall see when I get there.

But for now, it is time I told you a tale...