Challenge #03342-I054: She Said No Pickles

"You can't have that!"

"Have what?"

"That huge account with all that TIME!"

"Why not?"


"Yes, well, you're no longer my husband, I'm free now. You have to leave."

"NOT without what I'm owed!"

"Ok, say hello to security for me." -- Lessons

He had once sent her to fetch a meal. The written order in one hand and the Pfennings to pay for it in the other. She had left him with a head full of lies about the Galactics and learned, very quickly, that everything she knew was wrong.

She had been learning at light speed ever since.

Alyssa had arrived at the restaurant lathered in nervous sweat. Thus rendering the food order illegible. When she broke down crying, her life changed. For the better.

Security and Counsellors told her that she was safe now. Forensic experts extracted meaning from the ink-smudged paper. She was told she had choices, and that she no longer had to live in fear. She was no longer a thing. She could be someone.

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