Thursday, Day 0, Plots & PLNs

Plague news: One new case, an import. There's nineteen total active cases, eleven are in hospital, with one in the ICU. Australia's at 85.5% first vax, 70% fully vaxed. Queensland's at 73% first vax, 58% fully vaxxed.

Today, I shall fiddle with my finances and find a continuing adventure for my Murder Hobos. They're considering the name, The Chaotikids and Palladad. Which has a sort of Saturday Morning Hanna-Barbera cartoon vibe to it. I like it.

BUT I shall also be making encounter boards for the next module in-between working on the game in progress.

Beloved has taken over the painting of the shelves and she's being her usual whirlwind self with all that jazz.

In the news:

  • Remains have been found that may be Gabby Petito's suspected murderer, Brian Laundrie
  • Deaths soar in the UK as the "live with it" policy has self-evident drawbacks
  • Missing toddler could not have opened her own tent zipper
  • Gynecologist told patient their vag "looked Australian" and is still allowed to practice
  • Bitcoin's back up
  • Queen resting on medical advice
  • Seven other bodies found during hunt for Laundrie

Storytime nao