Challenge #03191-H282: This is Us, Us is Good.

"Human? I've been studying your world's history, as much as I safely can, why is it so many people seemed so happy to kill each other for a piece of colored cloth?" -- Anon Guest

Human Van thought, very briefly, about saying, Oh, it got worse than that. There had been those perfectly willing to indirectly murder the weaker of their own kind just so they could "live pure". There were those who were ready and eager to use an army's worth of guns to "protect their nation" but stopped at wearing a piece of fabric to protect their neighbours.

Things got really strange before Humanity discovered the plethora of one-way wormholes that - more or less - allowed the nuts to sort themselves into their own cans.

Instead of all that, Human Van took the higher road. They said, "It was like... team sports. Win or lose, you support your team. You cheer for them, buy the merchandise, celebrate and riot when they win, just riot when they lose. Call every foul against them and ignore the ones they perpetuate. Y'know... because, if the team you love did something wrong, that makes you a bad person by association." At Companion Aradd's blank stare, they added, "Human Illogic."

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