Challenge #03190-H281: The Classics

A human introduces their friends to 2001: A Space Odyssey and its sequel 2010: The year we make contact. -- Anon Guest

Humans love to share things. Food, games, experiences, and culturally significant milestones. One common way they do this is a phenomena known as Movie Night, where the Human in question shares entertainments from an astonishing store of media ranging from subtle to gross.

The CRC are still looking at how to handle Humanity's media made for their children. That stuff is weird.

Judging by the way the Human was singing Science Fiction, Double Feature, the crew of the Jolly Argonaut were not in for surrealism and nightmare fuel. Well. Perhaps not a lot of it. They were definitely due for some Weirdness In Space, likely as Humans imagined it before they developed the Gravy Drive[1].

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