Wednesday, Day 3, Wordpress

Plague news: No new cases! There's twenty-two total active cases, fifteen are in hospital with one in the ICU. Australia's at 85% first vax, 69% (nice) fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 72.8% first vax, and 57.5% fully vaxxed.

I like these numbers. They are nice numbers. They could be better, but they are very nice numbers.

We're drawing closer and closer to the end of my Terrible Tiefling Tale, so I shall be planning to go off about stuff according to my personal whims until I run short and then? I dunno. Maybe pick up on Lust of the Demon Lord again.

We will see.

Today, all being well, I shall be painting the shelves that will house all of Beloved's beauty products and maybe some of my meds. Weather permitting. I already have my Wreckable Shirt on in preparation for this.

In the news:

  • Parents of missing 4YO reveal some worrying deets
  • Major changes to vax plns before Crimbolio
  • Plane crashes and explodes on takeoff
  • AFL star spouts antivax stance, cops backlash
  • Huge fuckoff hail in Northern Queensland
  • Japan did things differently and most of it was dependant on mask-wearing and getting people to behave
  • Train derailed in NSW
  • Taliban brutal to drug addicts. USA may be taking notes
  • Amputee model accused of using Photoshops to fake her disability
  • Hotel looks like Squid Game set
  • Blokes start having beauty regimes
  • Apple wants you to pay for their branded screen cleaner. Dude. Just go to an optometrist and get a microfibre cloth from them for free
  • Singer banned in China

And now for my content. Yay.