Wednesday, Wordpress and Anniversary

Beloved and I will be celebrating our Silver Anniversary real soon now. Methinks today's date will be all about buying each other something silver. She's worth it, I know that.

For the rest of today, I am trying to gather peeps from the D&D game to help design the Box of House.

A brief explain:

  • Players got hold of an item called a "Folding Boat", this got quickly nicknamed "the box of boat" in game.
  • This INSTANTLY gave them the idea of a "Folding House". A portable shelter they could use for long rests and planning stuff or just... being a base.
  • In a move that shocked nobody, we're all calling it "the Box of House".

I cribbed the flavour text directly from the Folding Boat and just edited in House Properties. Like an automatic kitchen. Because a kitchen makes a house a house.

I also have to write a thing for Wordpress today. It will likely be all about my negligible relationship with time.