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Challenge #02961-H038: Submitted For Your Approval... not all art is safe for all viewers. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Video link leads to the stage performance video of Shia LeBouff by Rob Cantor. Contains simulated, stylistic violence and references to same]

Media Flagging and Filtering is a never-ending job. What's "okay" for one culture is scandalously salacious for another. Even the face can be offensive if that face belongs to a certain gender[1]. There's a lot of churn in the "exposed skin" department.

This one had reached The Theatre. It was a relatively open forum where a multiple number of eyes and minds viewing with their digits paused over so many toggle switches. So far, the media currently in question had reached the level of being safe[2] for average citizens of the Alliance, after passing through safe for all levels of Deathworlder. The theatre invited the kind of people who kept complaining about the classifications to devote their time to making the archives safe for all viewers. The current guidelines alone cause many to turn around on the spot.

This one piece of audio-visual art has been under contention for some time. Exposed skin isn't even half of it. There's the liminal unnatural nature of the stage in an empty theatre. There are spooky children singing in a choir. There are thousand-mile stares into nothingness, but also directly at the viewer. Then there's the content, the actual words and the story that comes with the wrapping.

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