Challenge #03619-I331: Pointless Action

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Multiple Deregger polities attempt to sue the owners of Respite Station to try to forcefully get it shut down. And scream bloody murder when they fail. Then they try violent attacks to "prove their point." And are shocked, then scream bloody murder, when they fail. -- Lessons

Dereggers love the word 'free' so long as it doesn't factor in the price tag or the bill. Dereggers are free to work, free to spend, free to run up debts, and free to die anywhere they please[1]. They should never be free to leave despite the number of patriotic posters and stickers stating that as an option.

Which means that they absolutely HATE Respite Station with a fire comparable to a blue star.

The mighty forces of Greater Deregulation Lower South-Southwest have amassed to pursue justice. Translated for Galactics, they missed their "permanently indentured servants" and were willing to take them back by force.

They had the biggest ships, with the biggest guns, the heftiest missiles, and the biggest badaboom that Deregger Industry could provide. They had the capacity to "pacify" entire continents into a flat plane of glass.

Too bad for them that they were attacking a space station.

Fission and fusion weapons are almost useless in space. Any space station with an atom of sense will have shielding upon shielding as a defence against the normal radiation present. Some of the smarter ones have ways to absorb such for their own power. Therefore, setting off nukes had no effect whatsoever. The worst that happened was that the automatic stabilisers fired.

As for impact weapons... there's the Hungry Caterpillar.

Technology in the Alliance has largely rendered traditional battle methods moot.

If the attackers were dumb enough to try ramming Respite Station, their mighty fleet would have been literally taken apart. Chunk by Hungry Caterpillar'd chunk.

They did, however, try exhausting their batteries by blasting the station with plasma. Which had the same effect as the nukes - none.

Once the mighty fleet of Greater Deregulation Lower South-Southwest was dead in the water, the Alliance helpfully offered aid an assistance. Including free shelter, free food, free medical care, and free air.

They were very upset about that, but also had few alternatives. As one might expect, the CEO's aboard were glad to be repatriated, but the crew graciously refused.

Respite Station expects the second attempted attack any day now.

  1. Considering the extreme measures of Deregger lawkeepers, most workers die in a hail of bullets caused by said lawkeepers 'restraining' a perpetrator who was busy resisting arrest.

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