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Challenge #02348-F158: Adjustment Phase

A human gets scared and jumpy around anyone who is angry, and yes, I mean anyone. -- Anon Guest

Humans have a reputation. It isn't necessarily bad to be seen as one of the biggest, toughest, roughest marshmallows in the universe, but it's still a reputation. Being a Human and having a reputation for being both a savage warrior and a sweetly nurturing protector does certain things to a crowd. Ange rather liked it. It meant that people didn't get too close.

She had had too much of people being close. Especially within punching range. The world she had managed to escape saw nothing wrong with "corrective violence" and she had escaped whilst black and blue. Those injuries were healed, but the scars of her previous residence were all on the inside now. They twinged and ached -metaphorically- at the oddest of moments.

Mental scars were like broken bones, and Ange was familiar with both, by now. They both were wont to cause trouble at random moments. The strangest thing could set off old pain and hurt her all over again. Yelling was an annoyingly common one. Common enough to be homicidally annoying, if Ange could summon that kind of rage. Sure, she understood the concept, but she feared anger in all its forms.

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Challenge #01278-C183: Kintsugi Ronin

The art of repairing pottery with gold or silver lacquer, understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken. This can also apply to People. -- Knitnan

The ships' human was, in their own words, winding down. They had extracted themself from their armoured shell, removed the thermal suit that helped regulate their temperature, and otherwise stripped down to their Skins.

Most Gigaru kept away from the human at this point. Downtime was important to these mammals. And yet Kithkith

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