Six Days...

Amazing how closing the borders between us and an obvious plague vector has been effective at cutting new infections to zero for a much longer time window.

I'm still waiting for the "genius" move to deport all their sporting teams up to my sunny state to blow up on us. People who receive superstar treatment on the regular are the most likely to act like entitled shitholes.

Guaranteed, that's going to go sideways. There's going to be an outbreak out of nowhere that will eventually be linked to one of the sports superstars straying from quarantine and helping themself to whatever. Otherwise known as acting like a shithole.

We honestly should have done what New Zealand did, as I have said before. That was closing down for twice the incubation period and freezing all debt increases for the duration.

New Zealand is alone in the world in being completely fine and relatively free of the plague. Only the actions of immense dickbags have spoiled that for everyone.

Amazingly, New Zealand has very little impact on its economy as a direct result. Amazing.