Challenge #02748-G191: Howdy Neighbour

If you truly think that your world is needed to be saved; you’re a bigger fool than I thought... -- Anon Guest

It had been quite the journey to the distant station. More effort in one lifetime than Rilissith's people had been through in recent history. They had been ambling vaguely towards space travel for previous centuries, but that was before they discovered that something was going chronically wrong with their solar system.

They could, with their current technology, launch one person at appreciable speed towards the installation. It had been there for a century or two, at least. Whoever was there was keeping to themselves, and not bothering the planet of Sahaemar, so the scientists observing it weren't concerned.

Rilissith became concerned when hir scanners revealed that the inhabitants of the station were Deathworlders. There was no going back, all the same. Ze ran through everything hir people had gathered about Deathworlders and how to appeal to what there was of their better nature.

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