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Challenge #03527-I239: A Taste of Freedom

They were starving, just having crawled out from the hold of the ship they stowed away in, yet sat in the corner in the area near the shops just staring at everyone. Until a kind hand reached out to this malnourished, terrified, soul. -- Anon Guest

Britta could not find any more scraps of food on the ship. They had to get out of the walls. There were people flowing in and flowing out by various doors. They inserted themself into an outgoing chain and tried to imitate the others' walk. They were certain doom would come via authority at any moment.

Doom did not come.

They peeled away from the chain of people at the first opportunity and ran. Just ran. As far and as fast as their flagging body would allow. Until they found a concourse full of many bright colours and hundreds of milling people, and a soft seat to collapse onto.

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Challenge #02748-G191: Howdy Neighbour

If you truly think that your world is needed to be saved; you’re a bigger fool than I thought... -- Anon Guest

It had been quite the journey to the distant station. More effort in one lifetime than Rilissith's people had been through in recent history. They had been ambling vaguely towards space travel for previous centuries, but that was before they discovered that something was going chronically wrong with their solar system.

They could, with their current technology, launch one

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