One Week at Last!

Now the serious counting begins. So far, the record is at ten days before some other infected idiot invades my fair state and brings a sample of plague with them. We shall see.

Down south, they are finally making mask-wearing mandatory in a too-little-too-late move that should have been initialised when the first suburbs broke out in the damn thing. Of course, there's the same outrage from people despite idiots doing things like leaving quarantine so they can have a fucking smoke.

I keep saying cigarette smokers are among the most selfish arseholes on the planet and this is proof.

Speaking of selfish arseholes...

I heard from MeMum (but couldn't find the news about it) that the Muppet was consulting Scotty From Marketing in regards to handle the plague now that his usual methods have failed.

His usual methods being:

  1. Lie about it being serious
  2. Lie about how bad it is
  3. Sell some dodgy stuff he's invested in as a solution
  4. Blame immigrants
  5. Blame the lazy poor
  6. Blame the liberals
  7. Keep hoping that the public grows numb to the carnage

He's tried nothing and it's not working. 9_9

I can tell you now that the annoying blowhard in chief is going to balk at Step One: Listen To Scientists.

We all know he's allegedly consulting Scotty From Marketing because Australia represents the "successful" middle ground between Absolute Left-wing Success (New Zealand) and Despotic Right-wing Failure (coughcoughUSAcoughcough).

This whilst he's using unmarked military-equipped people to round up protestors who aren't even violent. People are vanishing into anonymous detainment centres and forced to sign things before they're released? It's vague, but it's ominous. The Fascist Dictator Handbook is rearing its ugly head and The Muppet obviously hasn't skipped ahead to the last entry.

An entry that reads: "Kill yourself before your people do."

I've made a patchy study of history, I do admit, but fascist dictatorships never last and the "glorious" leaders always come down with a bad end. If the Muppet is lucky, he will be the first elected leader to be executed for treason. Unlucky? Executed by mob rule. The latter means the end of the USA as we know it.

The bread turned out lovely. Now that I have the technique down, using 750g of water made it turn out much softer and easier to chew. My household devoured one and a quarter loafs before they slowed down. If they get it down to half a loaf before Wednesday, I will start some new breads earlier than Friday.

Today, Mayhem may be going to boxing in the afternoon. We shall see. Today is all about clearing up the mess of the weekend and attempting to create more novel.

I'm getting closer to the end of book one of Kingdom of Sand. Slowly but surely. I will defeat this giant.

Then I'll look at my queue of ideas and see which one appeals to me. Maybe focus on something tastier and more fun for ten months before I slink back in to Trilogy Land.

It's almost Bus O'Clock. Let's do this.