Game night woot woot!

I'm super excited for tonight and dreading tomorrow. Excited for tonight because I have another chance to RIDE THAT ANGST TRAIN HARD.

Choo choo motherflakker.

Tomorrow I must get the wriggles on to finish building the thing because the concrete we poured and moulded should be set enough to walk around on. Note that qualifier and the fact that Murphy has been laughing at us ever since the cement truck got bogged. Also note that I shall be exhausted out of my gourd because home after midnight because D&D.

There's a patch of ground in our yard that I refer to as "the war zone" because it does look like a bomb might have hit it. We'll need a backhoe and a dry yard to even try fixing that noise. It's nigh impossible to do it by hand, and I have the scar to prove it.

I've reached my 9K goal for this week. Barely ahead of time. Perhaps, I shall have time to enjoy what passes for a life today.

Translated: I intend to faff about like I have never faffed before.

Onwards to Instant Ficcage.