Challenge #02374-F184: Interesting Impressions

Imagine meeting a species that displayed all their emotions via dermal colour displays. And how humans would react to them -- Adam in Darwin

As first contact situations go, the meeting between Humans and Acrodontids could have plausibly gone better. When it comes to meeting Humans, it's a minor miracle that they don't shoot on sight. Those who don't shoot on sight are the ones who tend to enthusiastically pack bond. It's still a matter of debate as to which is worse.

It took three seconds for Human Jin to go from cautious to exuberant enthusiasm, and only because it took them that long to recognise the Acrodontids' possession of both chromatophores and independent eye orientation. The reaction was, "Holy shit, you guys are the coolest aliens I've ever seen? Can I hug you?"

A combination of natural and artificial selection processes means that most Human spacers are also fond of lizards. This, in turn, means that any lizard-based life-forms have an increased chance of close personal contact by a walking heat source[1]. Interestingly, this rarely ends in disaster.

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