It is way too hot

January is the hottest month of the year in Australia. No argument. Nobody will fight this. Whilst the northern hemisphere enjoys a dusting of snow, winter's chill, and global warming denials, everyone in Aus is gently roasting in one way or another.

We went to see Coco during the heat of the day. The best time to watch a movie in my opinion. Alas, Miss Chaos panicked and got upset during the third act. It's bad. Or it was bad this time because, apart from the whole family themes, it is a movie about Death.

I swear. Next time there's a movie to see with Miss Chaos? We're bootlegging it so that she can get her hyper-emotional shit over with before we go pay to see it and thereby eliminate the risk of her having a LOUD meltdown in public.

They never covered this in Legit Reasons to Pirate Shit.


Those of you who are here for my AO3 feed will be glad to know I have a new TAZ: Balance one-shot up amongst the multitude of my works. As well as a fresh chapter of the Balance/Commitment crossover, which will continue on a daily basis.

Tomorrow, I will be posting a surprisingly heart-warming piece about a fragment of fabricated Elven biology that's basically Fantasy Pon Farr. And in a fiction with zero sex, no less.

I'm saving that for the epic Plot-What-Plot smutfic, later. Stay tuned.

I got to three hundred Instants and I should be finished with that anthology by early tomorrow. Fingers crossed I don't have to twiddle it more.

[Odds evens, I will have to twiddle it more]

Today, my Beloved is taking my car to the place to get the tyres fixed. Yay. Which means that I 'creatively borrow' his car to do my noise.

Which means that I am free to do a bank run right now. And when I get back - Instant Story, cleaning day, and another 500 words before I get back to Shiny Elf Stories.