Another Week Nearly Done

It's Thursday, and I am going to be busy. Cleaning day, Instant, Words, and a TAZ prompt over in my Tumblr.

I have so many of these things, I'm tempted to write up a set sig with linkages to my Ko-fi, Patreon, and this blog. The problem being that Tumblr doesn't always accept pasting links.

My exhaustion problem is more or less solved. I've been having too much fat and not enough protein, so no more pork belly for me.

However, I can get the crunch I desire by deep frying my more protein-rich pork leg chops, and I still get some crunchy crackle from them.

I've been losing 0.6 kilos on the daily with this adjustment to the diet, and the temptation is strong to just keep with it until monotony drives me bonkers. I'll switch to grilled steak when and if I get tired of deep fried pork.

I'm saving a soupcon of money by only purchasing unsuitable food for my little darlings. I behave on Friday and treat myself on Saturday.

I am looking forward to cheesecake.

I had Hägen Däss last weekend and it was glorious, but I'm really looking forward to some cheesecake shop indulgence in a flavour I haven't tried just yet.

If I don't get my sweetie treatie, I tend to get grumpy.

For now, though, I should get on with my work.