Tuesday, Day 1, Patreon

Plague news: No new cases! There's thirteen total active cases, ten of those are in hospital. Australia's at 89% first vax, 80% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 79.6% first vax, 67% fully vaxxed.

Western Australia and the Northern Territory are the ones lagging behind. Especially on the second dose.

I have Patreon content to post, people to call, a river to build [TaleSpire's "fun"], and not enough funds to pay for all the things that need fixing.

In order of expense:

  1. The yard needs landscaping to be rid of the potholes and a slasher to be rid of the weeds
  2. Beloved wants a robomower
  3. The air conditioning needs some rebuggering
  4. The cats need their vaccinations

Fun stuff.

In the news:

  • Facebook wants to change their name to Meta despite it being SOMEONE ELSE'S TRADEMARK. The real Meta has sent them a cease and desist, but Facebook is persisting
  • More Meghan Markle Mayhem
  • More ecars for Aus
  • Musk tweets and Tesla loses $8 Billion
  • Was more than one person involved in Cleo Smith's abduction? Police investigate
  • Crypto soars
  • Otherwise healthy individual, unvaccinated, catches the plague and dies
  • Man caught sexting other woman on the family iPad
  • Woman spends hours packing creative lunchboxes for unappreciative hubby. DUMP HIS ARSE
  • Kangaroo attacks woman in her own backyard

Story soon. Patreon after that. And then? CHAOS.