Wednesday, Day 1, Wordpress

Plague News: No new cases! There's thirteen total active cases, eleven of those are in hospital. I don't have any new data on the state of vaccination for some weird reason. Maybe tomorrow, we'll get something. I blame the Melbourne Cup.

Today, I have to think of something to go off about or talk about for my Wordpress Wednesday. It's probably going to be about AntiScience, the Media, and the growing cult of magical thinking.

That needs some verbal pummeling IMHO.

In the news:

  • CHLOE SMITH FOUND ALIVE! The arsehole who took her is now in custody
  • ScoMo snubs the global carbon pledge. Shocker
  • Shayne Warne's sexting revealed to the public
  • Pacific islands due to go underwater
  • Musk gives $6 Billion to end world hunger, so long as the WFP sends him a list explaining how it was spent. Classy
  • Footy star attends antivax rally

I despair, sometimes.