Challenge #03203-H294: A Machine With Real Heart

They had an android body, they were an AI, and yet, we fell in love. Some in my family tell me they're just a machine despite the AI within and cannot feel real love. But, how do you define a machine? Can we truly be together? We love each other, this is so hard. -- Anon Guest

What is life? What is real? Does it even matter? My family thinks so. When I met P3T3R Five at Docks and Locks, it wasn't love at first sight. That's a tired old trope. What does happen is fascination at first sight. P3T3R is certainly fascinating.

Who could ever, ever ask for more? Love without complications galore...

The fictions always give them chrome faces. P3T3R has an LED display that, thanks to artistic blur, could show any emotion she wants. It even has lip sync. Her body isn't chrome, either. I mean, she does have a chrome body, but she only wears it on special occasions. The price of polish is a luxury.

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