Challenge #03046-H123: To Win at a Loss

They are a good lucker, but a scoundrel. True they could be quite kind, benevolent even, but they loved breaking the rules and getting into mischief. They'd been kicked out of more casinos than they cared to count, and had been escorted from stations more than a few times for bilking people for their time via gambling. After all, it's hard to catch a lucker at such antics if you don't know they're a lucker!

Then they met a bad lucker whose bad luck was almost the exact polar opposite of their good. The two, oddly enough, became fast friends. The good luck began to struggle, but the bad luck didn't get into so much trouble, either. -- Lucky

Nice does not always mean good. Good does therefore not always mean nice. Consider the paradox of sailing through life with minimal consequences. Any gamble comes out as a win, any chance is not really that chancy. It's really easy for those without consequences to become... well... horrible. When life treats you and your actions as gold, there is therefore nothing wrong with anything you do.

It's easy to be worse than a scoundrel when one is a Good Lucker working the assorted casinos and gambling dens of the Edge Territories. Elin knew this and she kept to a strict set of rules: Leave when unwelcome, never break the bank, be generous, and be kind to those who have less luck. It wasn't as if she couldn't afford it. One of her lesser-known rules was, Always target the assholes, because those folks were in desperate need of a kharmic realignment.

She had a yacht, which contained all the possible luxuries that didn't oppress anyone else, enough Time to keep herself comfortable for more than one lifetime. She had any number of bedmates to entertain, an enviable lifestyle, and a will that would help out all the bad-luckers whose only company would ever be their cats. Those poor sods needed all the help they could get. And, in a way, they were her people. There but for the grace of the Powers...

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