Friday, Day 1, Impending Birthmas

Miss Chaos turns sweet sixteen this Sunday. Huzzah. There's already enough sweet things in this house to change the shape of my hands, so I am doing Keto in Hard Mode(tm). I'll do some solid fasts next week and get back on track. Not looking forward to living off of mostly salty broth, but it's what I gotta do for my health and here we are.

Adulting is terrible at times.

Today is household unfuckening plus one thousand words in the novel plus the daily instant. I also have ::fanfare noises:: tradies coming! Huzzah! So it's only a quote, but I feel like I really shouldn't let this dude get away. Given that I have been weeks in hunting one down, it's a blessing just to get a contact.

In the news:

  • Ellen quits
  • One Aussie wins $30mil in the lotto
  • US gives leniency to those who can prove they got the jab
  • Housing market may have peaked
  • Theme parks for sale in Aus
  • Plane door flies off moments before takeoff. Remind me again how voluntary maintenance is better for the air industry
  • Crypto market falls after someone tweets something
  • Photographic proof that Australia is Just Like That [Offensensitivity warning for carnivores being carnivores and some pictures of dead animals]

And now it's nearly bus o'clock and I really should chop up The Bikkie(tm)