Challenge #03045-H122: Medicinal Purposes Only

Stranded Human: Does this look infected to you?

Stranded Alien: It looks...abnormal?

Stranded Human: Yeah...I don't think treating this can wait for rescue...

Stranded Alien: (starting to panic a little) How do we treat it????

Stranded Human: We start by collecting some of those plants that were too toxic for me to eat.... -- Anon Guest

"The ones we have to handle with gloves, or the ones that we need a livesuit to go near?"

"The ones we have to handle with gloves. We shouldn't ever try to mess with the other kind," clarified Human Gia. "That stuff's all kill and no cure. Also, advance warning, the whole process is going to get nasty."

Companion Lyl tisked, "This is Deathworlder nonsense. Of course it's going to get nasty." Ze got on hir very special gloves and dialed up the imagery. "These ones, yes?"

"Yeah, those are the ones. There's going to be the kind of processes that can't get anywhere near anything we use for making food."

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