Challenge #03446-I158: Lucky You

A rich idiot manages to trick a couple of Pax Humanis enforcers into going after an innocent whose only "crime" is that they're a Lucker who managed to win a lot of money off the rich idiot. Once the enforcers learn the truth, well, the idiot's lucky they got away with only a severe beating. -- Anon Guest

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool Pax Humanis - they'll be lucky if they find your body. -- Terran Sayings Adjusted for the Modern Era, by Glorx Vamb'lnak

People make a lot of presumptions regarding Pax Humanis. They presume, for example, that it is a rough conglomerate of deadly Humans who are restrained from polite society for everyone's wellbeing including their own. They presume that the members are brutish and dumb, and easily mislead with the correct sob story.

It takes a lot of smarts to be a serial killer. Picking the 'correct' victimology, for instance, that slides past Security's radar. Though that has faded into worlds where Security is more than a little lackluster[1]. In the greater Galactic Alliance, it's the Educators who catch them early and recommend them for corrective procedures.

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