Challenge #03176-H267: Didn't Stand a Chance

She was a Lucker, a very strong one, but born in a Deregger polity. She was also very beautiful. As a beauty and a Lucker, she was forced against her will - purchased from her parents who were desperate for money - to marry the empire's CEO. However, using that luck, all his other wives and their children managed to escape into the gentle arms of the CRC. And within a few years, SHE ran the empire with him as his subordinate. While he was the face, she was the true power "behind the throne". There was quite a few changes that came, an odd increase in profits due to those changes, and happier workers, due to "a bit of luck". -- Anon Guest

She came to the attention of CEO Randal Bepis because her family were winning prizes in the Unwinnable Lottery. The point of the lottery was to give hope without paying anything significant enough to engender social mobility. They could not have cracked the system because there was not one. An algorithm picked the most heart-warming of stories for the biggest of payouts and then chose some other random qualifiers for the lesser payouts.

Something like ten lesser payouts in a row should have been impossible. Therefore the whole family was investigated and tested.

Her name was Portence, a result of a typo in the administrivia section. The family was too poor to fix it. In fact, they were spending their lottery winnings on necessary things. Just enough to cover a bill or two, or pay for some nutrition, and not much else.

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