Wednesday, Day 0, AUGH

Plague News: Two new cases, local transmissions. There's twenty-seven total active cases, sixteen of them are in hospital. Australia's at 79.9% first vax, 57.4% fully vaxxed. Queensland's STILL at 49% fully vaxxed.

It's 6 days until Miss Chaos gets her second jab. Mayhem gets his later on in the month. Drops in the ocean still fill it all the same.

Today, I am taking a bit of a holiday from my novel because it's fighting me. I need to catch up on my Patreon because the public holiday did my brain in, also do my Wordpress and make some Random Encounter Maps for D&D this coming Sunday. My peeps will be doing adventures and I need to give the world a bigger feel.

Especially since I'm herding murder hobos.

In the news:

  • New NSW Premier has bold new plans regarding plague handling
  • Aussie in China has been made an unperson
  • NY hosts protest to "Save Australia" from vaccine mandates. Australia responds with sarcasm
  • Housing bubble warning issued
  • Footballer's health tanks
  • Police shot an Aboriginal woman, and it's being investigated
  • China in crisis
  • Iso's making everyone do rennos
  • Tight short shorts nearly give woman a terminal wedgie
  • US food blogger roasts Fairy Bread. Aussies roast US food blogger
  • Netflix censors phone number in Squid Game. You'd think they'd have learned about this shit by now

And now... today's little tale.