Challenge #03674-J021: If You Can Hear This...

"I will be honest with you. Pax Humanis is coming to haul you to court, your chances of escape are slim. What, they're sending a Humanis member that's a lucker? Turn yourself in, now, and spare yourself the pain. Your chances just became none." -- Fighting Fit

Humans are, possibly, the strangest Deathworlders known to intelligent life. Those weird little apes had a rough evolutionary path. They almost went extinct several times, and for at least one of those, it was self-induced.

As a species, they're completely bonkers. When confronted with a hazard, there are some who will be sensible an approach with caution. Some will run away from it and build increasingly ludicrous preventative measures to keep it away. Others, and this is the part that lead to the diagnosis - figure out how to use it for fun or profit. These are also the monkeys that used lead as an artificial sweetner even when they knew it was toxic. That's why the rest of the universe thinks they're crazy.

There's also a small pack of them hunting me down.

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