Space Pirates

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Challenge #03974-J322: Proof Against Humans

The ship with some ship humans encounter a very frightening problem as the pirate ship comes barrelling toward them. The pirates are humans, too. -- Anon Guest

Edges are dangerous. People or things either get cut by them or fall off them. They have ways of causing harm. The same remains with the Edge Territories. Here there be hives of scum and villainy. Here there be pirates.

Here, also, there be Humans.

Everyone venturing into the Edge knows that it's best to have a Human on board. More than one for preference. What's less frequent is the Humans who decide to not be friendly. Humans could also decide on a life of piracy.

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Challenge #03841-J189: A Lesson in Better Behaviour

One slip of the wrong kind of drink, and those pirates will be on the toilet for hours. While they do that, let's tow this disabled boat to the authorities! -- Anon Guest

"Did you like my alcohol?" said Trader Shan, twiddling with his own fingers. "You got everything from the crate marked Special Reserve, VIP's Only right?"

"First thing," said the guard. "We had a good old booze-up on your elite overlords' expense."

"Such a pity. Nice knowing you all," said

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Challenge #03783-J130: We Lucky Crew

I'm a Lucker. I had the fantastic idea of only hiring other Luckers to crew my ship, so we could hunt pirates and collect the bounties on them. We're all Luckers, bad news for Pirates. But man, this is getting boring! -- DaniAndShali

Testing your luck isn't fun when you know it's certain. It's even less fun when there's like fifty people exactly like you manning a ship.

It's just... too easy.

No challenge. We're the luckiest bunch of bounty hunters in

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Challenge #03474-I186: Deadly Mixology

Never underestimate a person who is cornered, has nothing left to lose, and has access to cleaning supplies. -- Anon Guest

They had done a lot of damage to the ship as it sailed between one place and the other. They had done a lot of damage to the passengers and crew.

They were, in fact, talking about blowing the vessel up once they were done stripping it of anything at all valuable.

The one fly in the ointment was a single

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