Wednesday, Day 1, Wordpress

No new cases, so we have seventeen with the plague and only sixteen in hospital. Therefore, one got out as far as the hotel. Yay.

There shall be more of a Terrible Tiefling Tale, with all the bits and bobs and maybe even a footnote. We shall see.

In the news:

  • ScoMo's new budget reveal. Who wins? Who loses? Bet there's no solution to the debt problem we've got besides "give more money to rich people" which is no solution at all
  • Cyberattack shuts down US oil pipelines
  • Plague victim flies into Victoria from India, and paranoia about new restrictions abounds
  • Tough new restrictions for those on the dole, cracking down on those who are "not genuine" 9_9
  • Right underneath - tax cuts for the rich. I firkin called it
  • US idiot lets his pet tiger roam free. What a wanker
  • 14YO posted selfie from back of cop car after allegedly murdering a 13YO

Onwards I go with the rest of the nonsense.