Challenge #01944-E120: Detect Trap

If it looks too good to be true, it's probably a con. -- Anon Guest

Exciting opportunities were to be found in the Callibreso Void, according to the promotional puff piece. A new force was being investigated that could be a natural form of anti-gravity, as opposed to the gravity generators that were the sole responsibility and product of the Nae'hyn. If it could be isolated and harnessed, then it would be a new revolution in propulsion technology. You, too, could get in on the ground floor!

What followed in the smaller print was some pseudo-scientific horse apples about how the Callibreso Void seemed to be repelling everything that went into it. Excepting, of course, the highly inconvenient presence of a few scattered star systems that seemed to be happily orbiting what looked like nothing, and may be orbiting each other. Gravometric detectors had already cleared the zone for the presence of black holes, and the present void was why these people were so interested in it in the first place.

It was at this point that Shayde stopped reading it so thoroughly. "Aye, I get that there's some excitin' science tae be had in there, but... anti-gravity? Really? They think anti-Boson-Higgs exist?"

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