Challenge #01946-E122: Strangers With Candy

TANSTAAFL, or "Invest in Acme income Management, returns of 50 to 70%" Yeah! Right! -- Anon Guest

[AN: For those who don't have familiarity with ancient acronyms, this one stands for, "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch"]

Lee Arr and Fred DeShanko were at it again. She recognised the pattern, even though their names weren't easily found in the pamphlet.

Step One: Latch on to some fringe science or stuff so far out on the cutting edge that it's still using the whetstone (optional - use both). Step Two: Boil it down to a point of inaccuracy that sounds perfectly logical to the average, under-educated lout on the street with dreams of their ship coming in. Step Three: Offer said under-educated louts a chance to get in on the ground floor with an investment plan similar to those one-topic magazines that up their prices every year for increasingly less of what the user wanted in the first place. Step Four: Declare bankruptcy and skive off to somewhere without an extradition treaty for a year or so before coming up with the next scheme.

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