Carb Hunt?

It's a public holiday, and there's nothing Australia loves more than a long weekend. So of course we're having a good old fashioned slob day. Neither my Beloved nor I have left our bed, and I doubt my little darlings have done so either.

My Beloved insists that I'm somehow doing carbs, all because my tum is a little rumbly this morning, and I stated out loud my desire for some snackage.

My first thought: Bitch, where?1.

I don't actually eat a great deal. Which is great if you're doing Keto, but not so great if there's not enough calories to survive off.

My usual day goes:

  1. Breakfast: Cuppa coffee (variant of bulletproof) with cheese option
  2. Snack: Gorp if available, cheese if not (optional)
  3. Lunch: 125g mascarpone with 1 pickled strawberry and coconut balsamic vinegar (app 1 tbsp)
  4. Snack: 1 square of Lindt 90% dark chocolate (optional)
  5. Dinner: Whatever we're having at the time. Usually chased with a Hot Keto Chocolate, cuppa tea, or Keto Sports2.

Beverages during the day are: water, Keto Sports, the very rare second cuppa coffee, or, if available, diet coke.

No sugar to be seen. Nary a carb in sight. Well. Except on the days that I have gorp. Because nuts do contain a few carbs here and there. As do the dried fruit we mix in.

If I have foresight and planning capabilities, I will make up a jellycream3, but I don't do that frequently. If I'm getting carbs in my intake, it's likely via the snacks. I did have a square of chocolate, but that's well within my macros.

OR my body could be pulling a smarty-pants stunt and manufacturing its own sugar. Entirely within the realms of possibility. The human body is a firkin arsehole sometimes.

I probably have to school myself to eat more good stuff. Or get back onto the leafy greens. Or something. I'm fairly certain my dietary fat percentage is way up there, but my leafy greens are nonexistent.

  1. That is a meme, dear readers. Not me actually calling the love of my life, co-progenitor of our little darlings, reason for continuing my life, a bitch.

  2. My personal unpatented mixture of salt, diet cordial, and water that helps me maintain hydration.

  3. Mix cream into hot, liquid, diet jelly before refrigeration. Boom. One yummy Keto treat.