Challenge #03897-J245: Chasing Hearts

A: “You know Ryan? The one I usually race with? Apparently he’s the fastest one in our group and been letting me win all this time. I feel conflicted.”

B: “Ani, I’ll be completely straight with you with a guy perspective. There’s only two reason why he would do that. 1: He likes seeing your smile when you win. 2: He was starting at your ass the entire time.”

A: “Wait, he likes how I smile?!” -- Anon Guest

[AN: Had to change names in the prompt to prevent accidentally being copystruck]

Bao levelled a glare at hir friend. "You're missing the entire other half of my point."

"I had no idea he even wanted me to smile," Ani scrubbed hir fingers through hir hair. "All that trash talking and the whole I'll get you next time routine. And he likes my smile?"

"He also," Bao drawled, enunciating each word, "likes watching your butt. As you run." Ze waited for hir friend to get it, for the metaphorical penny to drop. Ze might be waiting until the next ice age.

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